Happy students

Hear What They Are Saying

Suyash Shah (B.com, Bhavans College, Mumbai)

I've never expected much from an online course, but this one is just Great!

 -Even if you feel like you have gaps and confusion in your mind, don't be afraid to take this course, because you'll be able to fill most of those right from the course modules and assessment tests or at least figure out where to look.

 This course gives a grand picture of how the corporate sector works and how to prepare yourself to get your dream job You have the freedom to choose your aspirational sector and apply the gained knowledge to grab your dream job

The biggest takeaway for me as a person is the amount of attention the mentor brings to individual questions, doubts & helps us gain clarity.  Great thanks for all of that!

Rajiv Patil (BBA, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Sangli)

Everything is taught from basics, which makes this course very accessible- still requires effort, however will leave you with real confidence and understanding of the subjects covered. Great mentor too.

Suchitra Krishnan (B.Sc. Chennai un

This course has contributed a lot in enhancing my corporate sector knowledge

1-knowing my personality type and hence knowing my suitable job roles.

2-Doing well at any interview by knowing the skills required for the same and going through answers efficiently.

3- My resume has stood out among other candidates and I got a call from the interview

4-The team at viosa is very helpful and patient with me through the entire process. special thanks to them 

Testimonials by Industry Experts

Russel Kane (Hon. Director Bombay Education Society)

It is very important for students to get proper coaching at the start of their professional careers so that they embark on a meaningful journey. I find VIOSA doing a great job of guiding graduates and freshers into the corporate world.

Shantanu Ray (Film producer-writer &  Director)

Every student has his/her dream job they want to pursue, but the major question arises how to pursue it?  I like how VIOSA guides everyone to get ready for a meaningful job and at a very affordable price

Dr Kalpesh Kotecha (Dental surgeon, Author, Motivational speaker)

I wanted to be a writer at the start of my career, however landed up pursuing the medical profession. But this generation has a choice to pursue their aspirational career & getting proper coaching with VIOSA is just as easy as you believe